A community that promotes an ethical and responsible approach to
and believes that it is possible to be successful while making a
positive difference in the world.

Our name is meant to represent the good that comes from standing united, the
importance of abiding by owned beliefs and going the extra mile for those
beliefs, and the unbeatable difference that a committed and motivated team
can bring in daily operations and outcomes.

We focus on process over outcome, where adversity is an opportunity to learn
and the key is collective, collaborative and ongoing construction regardless of
the end product.

What do we want to be?

A network of non-profit organizations

We are facilitators, a bridge to shorten distances. We want to be a “network of networks”, a broader family who promotes connections and beneficial exchanges.



A platform for ongoing mutual development actions

We display and enable collaborations through financial, educational and/or technical resources and programs.

A showcase of territorial work

We focus on shedding light on what needs to be made visible. Through our communication and marketing expertise, we can highlight and boost the work of those who are making a real effort everyday among their communities.


our mission

mission_icon To contribute to the development and empowerment of the multicultural
segment in the USA by providing financial, educational and technical
resources, a support network and communication and marketing services.

mission_icon To accompany and nurture the development of Latinx children and
adolescents and their families in the USA.

mission_icon To contribute to creating equal opportunities for women and LGBTQ+
segments of the multicultural market in the USA.


Civil Mafia Foundation was born from Civil Mafia LLC, a certified minority and
women owned digital business acceleration company
that provides services to
advertising agencies, brands and publishers. An active member of the National
Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council, the company has the
aim of nurturing the AdTech and Media industry and the purpose of changing
the business and communication paradigm.

Civil Mafia has a vision: To do Business & To do Good® which presents a new
sustainable business model
that not only excels at its deliverables when
targeting diversities, but also uses part of their economical and technical
resources to make an impact in the local and international scene by partnering
with non-profits.

Civil Mafia Foundation complements the LLC’s Philanthropic Operations
Department and helps expand its vision and purpose of mutual empowerment.
You can check the website to learn more.